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Meet Noah

Video Review

Noah felt comfortable throughout his braces treatment thanks to Dr. Astuto’s friendly attitude and helpfulness. Getting braces has boosted Noah’s confidence tremendously!

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Noah's Story

"When I first came in for my appointment to get my braces put on, everybody was super, super friendly and I was just immediately comfortable. The staff here is very polite and they just—they make sure that you're always okay. Dr. Astuto is—he's always been very, very nice. Sometimes, we're wearing our rubber bands or something, he was always making sure that we got them on straight. When I first saw my smile, it made me really, really a lot more confident. I have a whole new perspective when I'm talking to people, and it really boosted my confidence. My experience with Full Smile Orthodontics was really great. I would absolutely recommend Full Smile Orthodontics."

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